A Gift of Something Greater, by Caitlin Snyder, Back2Back Intern

This past month, a group of children who attend St. Michael’s Catholic School, and are involved with an organization called Mustangs Serve put together personal care kits of shampoo, conditional, a comb, and a hairbrush for the children Back2Back serves in Hyderabad, India. These personal care kits will help meet the physical needs of the children, and also improve their personal hygiene, which in turn helps their emotional, and social needs. These personal care kits will be taken to India with a team that is taking a trip in July.

Mustangs Serve not only raised funds to cover the cost of transporting the kits to India, but they also raised money to purchase the children bananas. The students involved with Mustangs Serve planned a banana themed bake sale for the month of June to raise more funds to donate to the purchasing of bananas. The diet of the children Back2Back serves in India lacks essential vitamins and nutrients that are found in fruit. The bananas that will be purchased improve the nutrition of the children, meeting their physical needs and support their growth, health and development. Meeting a child’s physical needs allows them to succeed spiritually, educationally, and socially because they can fully focus on the task at hand instead of being distracted by hunger.

Bananas are just one of the many items that can be purchased from the Back2Back Gift of Hope Catalog, if you’re interested in bringing hope to the children in India, or one of Back2Back’s other ministry sites, please check out our Gift of Hope Catalog or contact the home office for more information.

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One Response to “A Gift of Something Greater, by Caitlin Snyder, Back2Back Intern”

  1. salbrecht1 Says:

    How do I locate the back 2 back catalog or even sign up for volunteering/giving of my services? I have many many years of experience with children of all ages and their families, living within all economical/social differences, children who have learning differences, and working with children of all various special needs (from oxygen tanks, to feeding tubes .. Etc. ) I feel it has always been my calling and a special blessing that i have the ability and God giving warm personality that draws others towards myself. This is what has made it eaiser to help serve, provide services to those in need.

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