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Children of God, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

February 3, 2012


The other day one of my students, Jeremiah, asked if I would give him a red pen. I knew he needed it for school, so I gave him one of the many pens that have been donated to the Education Center. He smiled really big and said, “Auntie, thank you!! You always give me the things that I ask for”. I don’t really know what I asked this, but immediately I asked him, “Why do you think I give you those things?”. Without flinching he answered, “Because you are my Auntie.”

His response got me thinking. He claimed his relationship to me to be the reason why I give him things. I started to think about how much more a father desires to provide for his children and give them good things when they ask. A father longs to provide for the needs of his children. If we believe in God and have proclaimed him to be Lord of our lives, we are His sons (and daughters). Romans 8:15 says, “But you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.””

I just finished reading a book called, “The Birthright” by John Sheasby. The book discusses the concept of being a child of God and what that allows us access to in Him. In the book, John Sheasby discusses the story of the prodigal son, but talks about it from the viewpoint of the older brother. He quotes Luke 15:29, which says, “But he answered his father, “All these years I’ve worked like a slave for you. I’ve never disobeyed one of your commands. Yet, you’ve never given me so much as a little goat for a celebration with my friends.”” The author goes on to explain how sad it is that the older son never knew the power of what he had access to through his father. All he had to do over all the years was ask his father- and whatever he wanted would have been his. He had total access to his father’s riches, but never thought to ask for it- he just did his work and went on with this daily life.

Think about this for a second- we are children of God. We have access to everything that is His. All that we have to do is ask. Just as I gave Jeremiah a red pen because I am his Auntie, God wants to give us good things because we are His children. My point in all of this is that I desire for us as Christians to see the power that we have as children of God. We have total access God’s abundance. He desires to provide for us because we are His children. The best part of all of this is that He knows what we need. It is a good thing that I do not have to figure out what I need and don’t need because I don’t know the whole picture – but God does and He gives what He knows that we need. Praise the Lord for our closeness in relationship with Him!

Back2Back Nigeria provides academic assistance and tutoring to children in the Kisayhip Village outside Jos. Last fall, we opened our doors to the Oasis Education Center to expand educational opportunities for the local orphans and impoverished children.  By improving education and providing sponsorship, the children of Jos will have a brighter future.

Backpacks from America, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

September 30, 2011

Children in Jos, Nigeria are overjoyed to receive new backpacks!

Generous supporters of Back2Back donated backpacks a few months ago. Because the students will be starting school next week, we passed out the bags to them on Thursday. I wish we could have captured their excitement in a bottle! Their grins were ear-to-ear as they received the backpacks. Most of these children have never owned a backpack. Most of them have spent the past few years walking over an hour to school and carrying all of their books in a plastic bag along with them. The fact that they were receiving not only a backpack, but a new one from America made them ecstatic! It is so neat to see how many people God uses to bless these beautiful children from a village in Africa. I have no idea who all was involved in sending these bags, but the students felt loved and blessed because of it. Please continue to pray for the children, as they start their new school year at the Oasis Education Center.

Back2Back Nigeria provides academic assistance and tutoring to children in the Kisayhip Village outside Jos. Last fall, we opened our doors to the Oasis Education Center to expand educational opportunities for the local orphans and impoverished children.  By improving education and providing sponsorship, the children of Jos will have a brighter future.

A Brighter Future, Back2Back Nigeria

August 26, 2011

Last fall, we opened the Oasis Education Center in Nigeria, to expand the educational opportunities of the local orphans and underprivileged children like Happy. New Back2Back staff member, Theresa Reed, and a local teacher hold classes each day, leading a supplemental tutoring program, enabling children to learn the basics in reading, writing and math during after-school hours.

This summer, we launched our child sponsorship program in Nigeria, giving the children at the Education Center an opportunity to benefit from the support of a sponsor.  Thanks to the generosity of Back2Back supporters who believe in our mission, within weeks, almost all of the children had sponsors within weeks of launching the program in Nigeria.  Through the care of Back2Back and the support of loving sponsors, each child has health care, balanced meals, a safe place to learn, and ultimately a brighter future.

Children at Back2Back's Education Center are now benefiting from child sponsorship.

This week, several new children joined the Education Center.  If you could like information about sponsoring one of these children, please email claire@

A Singing Shepherd, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

August 19, 2011

The shepherd boy watches his sheep outside the Nigerian village where Back2Back serves. He is on the far left of the photo in a white shirt.

A few weeks ago, I was on the rocks that overlook the village with a few of the interns. We broke off and had time on the rocks alone for a while. During this time, we were serenaded by a little shepherd boy. He was joyfully singing to his herd on the grass below us for a couple hours. He was so happy and his singing endlessly with pure joy! I was reading in my devotional book today about how God is our shepherd and it reminded me of this little boy.

“We are… the sheep of His pasture,” Psalm 100:3

“My sheep hear my voice,” John 21:17

I have always thought of The Lord as my shepherd, but it was not until I saw this cheerful young shepherd singing to his flock that I realized how joyful shepherds can be. Why have I not thought before that my God, the Great Shepherd not only speaks to his sheep, but it does it joyfully… singing even!? What a joy it is to hear the melodious voice of my great Shepherd!

The shepherd boy lays next to his sheep singing to them (far left).

The image of the little boy laying on the ground peacefully, singing loudly and trusting his flock to enjoy the green pastures  has given me a new view of how The Shepherd tends to His flock of children. He trusted the flock. He knew that they would stay where he was because they knew and were familiar with his voice. This is our God. Our God loves his flock and them (us) to follow His beautiful voice and know that it is good. Praise the Great Shepherd for this great reminder!

Removing the Obstacles, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

January 27, 2011

The driving in Jos, Nigeria is crazy! Part of that is due to that fact that there are very few traffic laws in place and even fewer that are actually enforced. But another factor is the obstacles that you encounter on the roads. Here are some pictures of a few of the obstacles that we have encountered since we have been here. Some are funny and some just get frustrating, but all slow us down (or make us stop completely) to some degree.

We were driving the other day in the midst of the heaviest traffic time. The “two-lane” road suddenly had four rows of cars that were moving slowly. All the sudden we hear sirens (very rare here). Long story short, police were trying to make a path in the middle of the traffic so that important people (probably politicians) could get through faster. This situation was very irritating at the time because of the chaos that it caused. Cars were going every-which-way and honking at everyone next to them.  It was crazy! I didn’t appreciate this situation until I was reading the Bible a few days later

“And it will be said; ‘Build up, build up, prepare the road. Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.’” Isaiah 57:14

God acts like the police in this story for his people (but with a lot more grace). He will remove the obstacles out of the way of his people. He will prepare the road. He will make the path straight for his people. This truth was so encouraging to me. With ministering in a new country, there are things that can quickly feel like obstacles that are blocking expectations that we had. However, our God will remove everything that seems like it has gotten in the way. He prepares the way for his children because He loves them. He desires to give them the desires of their heart.


You are Welcome!, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

September 24, 2010

New Back2Back Nigeria Staff Members, Will & Theresa Reed

As Will and I arrived to Nigeria last Friday (September 17th) we were full of emotions. Emotions that ranged from excited to terrified; overwhelmed to secure. All the things you would expect to be feeling after leaving everything you have known to move to such a different place. One thing that we knew would take a while to acquire was a sense of belonging.

On Monday, Emilee took us into the downtown area in Jos to register for our driver’s license. On this first visit into town, we were greeted with many bright smiles from the local Nigerians and a phrase that I continue to hear daily and stuck out to me,“You are welcome!” As we walked down the street, or passed the security guards at the bank, we were greeted with this phrase. People who don’t know anything about us (except for our obvious skin color) tell us we are welcome in their county.

This not only has made us feel more secure in being here, but also has given me something to “chew on”. How often would I go up to someone who is clearly foreign in the U.S. and, without knowing anything about them, tell them they are welcome in my country? I appreciate the joy this culture brings. In the midst of a busy week of getting used to living in a new country, it has been encouraging to know we are welcome in this place. I praise the Lord for directing us here and for his friendly children in Nigeria that are eager to welcome us.