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Latest Hurricane Alex Update

July 2, 2010

In our efforts to keep families of Back2Back trip members updated, we wanted to provide the latest information on the storm that has reached Monterrey, Mexico.

First and most importantly, all teams, staff and our families in Monterrey are safe.

Because of the heavy rainfall, areas of Monterrey have experienced flooding and the Mexican authorities have closed travel on some key roadways except for police and emergency vehicles. Consequently we are unable to transport the teams scheduled to depart today to the airport in Monterrey.  The flooding is also requiring us to cancel the groups that were scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

We are attempting to reach the airlines and working with our travel agent to assist in finding alternative flights for departures as early as possible, which at this point we believe will be tomorrow (Saturday).

Remember – all teams, staff and our families in Monterrey are safe.

We will continue to update our website and blog as often as important new information becomes available.

Please continue to pray for the details that may need to come together as a result of the rains and flight delays.

Hurricane Alex Update

June 30, 2010

In our efforts to keep families of Back2Back trip members updated, we wanted to provide the latest information on the storm that is working its way toward Monterrey, Mexico.

  • First, it is important to note that all of our families and teams are safe, and there is no reason to believe we will be in any danger. We may get a little wet, but between the weather forecast and our specific location in the mountains, we are not concerned.  Still, we are taking some precautions to prepare.
  • The blog and website are the best way to get the most current information. I will be communicating with the home office to update the Back2Back website and blog if there are any changes here in Monterrey.   We will update it when and if there are any changes. We are in constant communication with our US office team.
  • Each trip coordinator will be contacting their home church to also give an update on the situation.

The current situation, as we understand it:

1.  The storm crossed over Monterrey starting on Wednesday, June 30 at 11pm.

2.  The forecast predicts the high winds will only be 23 mph.

3.  The teams are very safe here at our facility.

4.  The Back2Back campus has three generators (in case the power goes out) to ensure the electric pump works, providing us access to water and electricity for our kitchen.

5.  We are checking the airline schedules regularly.  If there are any cancellations, we will work to assist with rescheduling the mission trip guests as quickly as possible.  It will be helpful for us, if you contact the airlines directly to check on any family member’s flight status.

6.  The ministry sites we work with are also preparing with extra water and resources.  In the squatters villages, specifically, we are providing resources to help with relief from water damage.  We are providing extra water, tarps, and flashlights.

Please pray for the details that may need to come together as a result of the rains and flight delays.

The Latest Update from Jos, Nigeria, by Corrie Guckenberger

January 25, 2010

We continue to receive lots of emails of people praying for us, the community and the city. Thank you so much.  We are confident that they are being heard.  Things have quieted down tremendously and we are learning that as quickly as conflict rises, it settles just as fast.  Yesterday as the curfew was lifted to a half day, our family walked in our neighborhood to our director’s home and everyone was out in the street, greeting each other and smiling and glad to be out again.  There was a strange feeling of community within our own little area.  We knew we were all coming out of the conflict okay and no harm was done.   People were genuinely kind and spirited.

I am aware that even though that is what we are experiencing that is not what the greater Jos area is experiencing.  Although the streets may be quiet, people are scrambling looking for their loved ones.  Their minds are trying to figure out why again did this happen.  Families are trying to piece together damage that may have been done to their area.  Hearts are concerned for where do we go from here.  Some families have been displaced from their homes, experienced injury and in a few instances, even faced loss of life. It is at this point, that the real work begins.   This is the time for ministry.  We have already heard of people coming to hand out blankets, water, mats and food.  We don’t want to miss out!  We have been hearing from the sites we serve, that as far as people know, no one has been harmed.  We praise God for that alone!  Continue to pray with us for wisdom and discernment and how best to use our time and resources.  The need is great and there is work to be done.

The pictures posted are of some of the common scenes that we are seeing within a mile of our home.  The one of the armed forced gentleman is Mr. Fire.  We talked with him and he is stationed at his post, two minutes away from our home.  He is a kind man who prays to our same Lord Jesus Christ and we are glad he is here keeping our streets safe.  The other is just a common road block.  These are currently all over the city of Jos for random check points for the comings and goings of all.  We are thankful for the measures being taken to assure the safety of the people.

Update on Situation in Nigeria, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

January 20, 2010

We have been getting lots of questions being asked of us about the crisis here in Jos, Nigeria. Here is what is going on around us personally and in the city.

First, our family is good and safe and so are the Munafos. We are grateful for the close proximity in which we live to them. (We live right behind them.) There is currently a 24-hour curfew in place that started yesterday and at this point, we don’t know how long it will last. (I am guessing for the next couple of days.) Usually after the initial 24-hour curfew, there will be in place a twelve hour curfew from 6pm to 6am.

On Sunday, there was a disagreement between a man and a hired worker on receiving pay. The worker did not receive his money; therefore, hired men to come and beat the other man up. All of that to say, is it led to other rivalry and havoc. There has been rumors (that I do believe at this moment) that men were brought in from the North to cause riots within our city. This is becoming more of a religious issue at this point. The Muslims are attacking and the Christians are defending. There have been deaths and injuries (we are receiving mixed reports on this at this time). It appears that a group of men made their way from central Jos toward the southern part of Jos (where we live) during the last few days. Yesterday morning is when it hit our specific area. We were never in danger (we live in locked/gated little neighborhood with security guards) but our neighbors down the street were. There was some burning of buildings and yelling going on. Right now, at 8:45am, it is quiet all around. At this point, no one in the Jos missionary community has been harmed. We are grateful.

Please know that as a ministry, we have plans in place for times of crisis that allow us to take the appropriate measures of safety for our staff and for any visitors that may be here. The greater Jos mission community also has a great communication pattern to communicate with all missionaries in the area that help us all be able to communicate in a way that is productive and helpful.

Please do pray for healing in this area. As we all know who live under Christ, that crisis can be such a tool for redemption. We believe, fully, that there is work to be done and we want to be ready in and out of season. The battle between Muslim/Christian has gone for generations and generations. We know this, and our heart is to not only be able to serve those who need serving in Christ (on both sides), but to protect the Fatherless who get caught in these crossfires. At the end of the day, there will be more orphans because of this crisis and we need wisdom and discernment on how to care for them.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and questions. I do hope this can help some of you better pray for us personally, for our ministry and for this area. God Bless.