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Additional Hurricane Alex Update

July 2, 2010

In our efforts to keep families of Back2Back trip members updated, we wanted to provide the latest information on the storm that has reached Monterrey, Mexico.

Teams from Peninsula Covenant, North Cincinnati and Northstar Vineyard are all safely on their way home today. The remaining team from Four Corners/Siemer are safe and will be traveling home tomorrow afternoon. Interns are being re-booked and will be arriving home as early as Sunday.

We are so very grateful to each of our team members, staff and families who have endured an amazing amount of water and the inconveniences that resulted.  We are grateful to all of our supporters and the friends and the families of those members who have been praying since this storm took hold of Monterrey almost two days ago.  Most of all we are grateful to God who has kept our groups, staff and families safe.

As we learn more about the children, the caregivers and families we care for in and around Monterrey, we will do our best to update our website and blog. Please continue to pray for their safety and protection, as well as for our staff and families who live in Monterrey.

The financial impact of this storm on the children’s homes, the squatters’ villages, and our own facilities will be significant. As you feel led, we will be grateful for any additional donations, no matter how small.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

a street by the Back2Back campus

Update on the Jepsons, by Beth Guckenberger, B2B Staff

February 19, 2010

Todd and I had the privilege of spending this last weekend in San Francisco, as guests of former Back2Back executive director, Dain Jepson, and his wife Terry.  The Jepsons are serving on the church staff of Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, California and we were able to spend time with them in fellowship and ministry. I offered a class to the staff wives, we hosted a meeting for those interested in traveling to Monterrey this summer, and then I spoke at three church services on Sunday.

Janet Miclean, Peninsula Covenant Church Pastor to Student and Families, introduces Beth before she speaks to the congregation

Speaking at the Jepson's new church, Peninsula Covenant Church

It was sweet in many ways, for Todd and I to recognize that Dain and Terry have moved “home”, they are close to family and in the same area they met and married twenty-five years ago.

We continue to miss them at Back2Back, but see many opportunities in the future for our ministry lives to intertwine.