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God’s Way is the Better Way, by Andrew & Anna Conrad, Back2Back Cancun, Mexico Staff

April 30, 2012

As humans, we learned to rely mostly on ourselves and our planning. During this time of training we are learning that no matter how much we plan, we have to remain open to throwing our ideas out the window for God’s plan.

A few weeks ago,  a group from Grand Rapids, Michigan was serving with our Back2Back Cancun staff and during this particular day, nothing was going the way that we had anticipated.

We were doing a concrete project that, according to our plan, wasn’t getting finished since we didn’t have enough man power. God’s better outcome: We finished in record time! No explanation, but with fewer people and less that were able to do the physical exertion, somehow we managed (through God’s miraculous help) to do it quicker than ever.

This was my first time translating for a medical clinic and I didn’t know what to expect. We went around the community   telling people to come over around noon. We didn’t find many people outside or at home and it seemed like the clinic was having a slow paced day. God’s better outcome: We saw 28 people. Most of them went home with the medicine that they needed to get better. I had a great time getting experience in the medical arena. The doctor was patient and kind with me and the people that we saw. The people of Tres Reyes benefited greatly from this medical service.

Usually when we visit this particular community called Tres Reyes (Three Kings), we finish the day of work with a prayer walk. God’s better idea: We finished praying for pastor Victor and his family (We partner with his church as a main contact in this community) and another family that helped us finish the project. It was a time of blessing and healing.

It is amazing to see God’s hands in and on everything we do. Every time He takes control, everything turns out perfect.

Bringing Medical Care to those in Need, by Courtney Ewing, Back2Back Mexico Staff

December 19, 2011

As a medical team of forty-six people invaded our campus for three short days, we witnessed a new meaning for our mission of bringing “care for today, hope for tomorrow” or orphans and children in need.  These doctors and nurses met immediate needs, such as prescribing medicine for runny noses and sore throats, while also providing comfort and reassurance to those with fear of a future with diabetes. It was a marathon of a weekend, but it allowed many individuals who had never seen a doctor in their lifetime to receive answers and medicine, making tomorrow seem more hopeful. It was a blast to have an entire “medical army”! I loved witnessing them use their talents as they furthered the Kingdom – one runny nose at a time.

Checking-in at the Back2Back medical clinic

The waiting area quickly filled with families in need of medical care. Volunteers engaged with the children who were waiting.

Aaron, a nurse from Akron, checked vitals

Chrissy, a recent nursing graduate from Malone, was eager to use her nursing skills to give back to those in need.

Patients visited the make-shift pharmacy at the end of their visit.

Thank you to the medical team from Ohio and Florida, sponsored by tjhe Juniper Tree Foundation!

The Juniper Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting orphans and widows in need. In October 2008, through a grant from the Juniper Tree Foundation, the Juniper Tree Clinic was established on the campus of Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico in order to meet the physical needs of the children served by Back2Back. Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization that provides care for orphan children and impoverished people across the globe, serving over 1,000 orphans and families in Monterrey alone.

The orphanages that Back2Back and the Juniper Tree Foundation serve lack funding to offer the children basic medical care, such as routine check-ups and dental visits. Most illnesses are left untreated unless they are extremely critical. For many of the children, their only access to medical care is through the Juniper Tree Clinic.

The Juniper Tree Foundation facilitates opportunities for American medical professionals to meet this practical need, by participating in short-term medical mission trips, providing vital services to orphans, as well as impoverished families in surrounding communities.

Preventative Medical Care, by Kathy Couch, Back2Back Monterrey Staff

April 18, 2011

Childhood is often intertwined with doctor visits.  If all of those doctor visits can sometimes feel overwhelming to a family, just think how they impact a children’s home with dozens of children.  Sniffles turn to colds which can then lead to ear infections.   When left untreated, ear infections can lead to hearing loss, sometimes permanently.

A Back2Back volunteer provides medical care to a Mexican child

Recently, a short-term mission group, comprised of doctors and nurses, provided medical care to the children we serve in Monterrey, Mexico. The team brought an audiometer machine with them for hearing screenings.  We focused on a children’s home in which five of the children have delayed speech or other speech problems.

A Recent Back2Back Volunteer Medical Team

Families benefiting from the services of a Back2Back Volunteer Medical Team

One of the young boys we tested proved to be a surprise to all of us.  We explained how to do the test and demonstrated the procedure for him. He looked at us blankly.  We explained the procedure again, pushed the buttons and again he didn’t respond to our prompts.  At this point, we assumed the machine was broken so the doctor tested the equipment and confirmed that it was indeed working properly. We discovered that the boy couldn’t hear any of the tones through the machine, which explained why this young man had been having discipline problems.  He was easily distracted and had trouble following directions.  We didn’t know it was due to his hearing impairment! After the team left, we took him to a hearing specialist in Monterrey, who uncovered a long-term middle ear infection.  Now, we are treating the infection.  What a discovery!  If left untreated, he would have surely lost all hearing.

The children receive medical care when needed; however, sometimes they have their ears checked without receiving a full audiological exam.  Since children’s homes have limited budgets, preventative medical care is often delayed in order to provide food or other more immediate needs.  The short-time medical groups that serve the children help to meet that need by supplementing their medical care.  We are grateful for this team’s initiative in bringing the machine to test the hearing.  In a few months, when his infection clears up, we will have a very different boy on our hands!

If interested in serving with us on a medical mission trip, please contact Chelsie Puterbaugh at or 513-754-0300, ext 1701. 

A Back2Back volunteer provides dental care to a Mexican child at the Back2Back medical clinic