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God’s Provision for Manantial de Amor, by Cathy Huffer, Back2Back Mexico Staff

April 7, 2011

Manantial de Amor (MDA) has three different locations. With three light bills, water bills, and three of everything else, they have often found themselves in need. This children’s home has been based on trusting the Lord on a day-to-day basis and as a result of their trust in God and not man we don’t always know of their need.

Last week, the directors, Edgar and Cony, knew that two of the three locations were in need of food, so they led the children in prayer. On the day where it seemed that they would have nothing to eat, Cony went to get a bag of carrots to try and make a soup out of them. Upon her return, she came home to a kitchen full of food (you can see the photos above). Because of a prompting from the Lord, a Back2Back donor contributed money specifically requesting that it be used to feed children in our children’s homes. My husband, Greg, had gone to the store and stocked MDA’s shelves and refrigerator with food. Back2Back along with Manantial de Amor were able to give God the glory as we did not know the need only God did. And He orchestrated the timing perfectly to fill the need of the kids.

I love that God could do this by Himself – He is big enough. But He put it on the hearts of someone in the US to donate money.  And He chose to use Back2Back to be the hands to give, so that in the very time of a great need He could come in to provide for these kids. God cares for these kids. He can prove for you too. Are you struggling to trust Him to provide for you? I pray this encourages you.

God’s Provision, by Lonnie Clouse, Back2Back Mexico Staff

February 14, 2011

The past few days have been very encouraging as we have had two different families from North Carolina come to visit.  We took one of the families to visit a children’s home (orphanage) that we serve, and we noticed that they needed groceries. The pantry had no fruits or vegetables. We went out shopping and purchased the food that they needed.     It is always a good feeling to return to an orphanage after shopping and know that all the kiddos will have good and healthy food to eat.

The kids are given homework assignments to complete with a computer and they did not have one so they were at a disadvantage.  They had four or five old computers there and none of them were in working order. The caregiver was trying to piece them together to make one that worked. (These children are obviously at a disadvantage as it is,  and they need every possible chance to succeed. They even have to wear a different logo on their uniforms that singles them out from the other students.  The logo has the name of the orphanage on it.)   God also laid it on the family’s heart to help provide a computer for the home so, we went and purchased a computer for them, and took it to the home.  As we walked into the dorm the kids were mentioning something about God.  I asked the caregiver what they were saying, and he said that they recognized that this computer was from God because they had been praying each night that God would provide one for them.  My heart fluttered to know to know that God had used us to provide for the children in need that particular day.

I went back to the home today with some special friends of ours from the NASCAR community. These friends had a hot dog sale weeks ago at their local church and raised hundreds of dollars for the orphans.  They purchased new school uniforms for the boys and also donated the money to purchase a printer for the computer. There are still plenty of needs at this particular home, but God is at work in the hearts and lives of many different people to provide for these orphans in his timing.

Isaiah 1:17-Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of the widows.

Today, I walked into the room where the computer is and found this written on the screen by the caregiver:

“Dear God, One more time you teach me your mercy with me and your faithfulness that is great.  You have answered one more of my petitions.  I ask you to bless Jon and his family (the ones who purchased the computer). Thank you for putting on their hearts to buy this computer. Now, I’m asking you to cover this computer with the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ.  That in the name of Jesus this computer could be a blessing to those who do not know You.  To reach young people for Christ…”

A few boys from the children's home with the new computer