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Lydia, by Crist and Eileen Hamilton, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

February 16, 2011

Let us introduce you to a widow from Jos by the name of Lydia.  She had an accident recently and is now under Dr. Zamani’s care at the Doctor’s compound in the Kisayhip Village.  We met her for the first time a few weeks ago when we took a team from the U.S. there to pray with the patients and to give them a live chicken and some food.  Diane from North Carolina and Rashell from California were the two that went in to pray with her and get to know her better. She told them that she had to take all that she had to come to the doctor’s for treatment and she wasn’t sure what she would do when she returned home since she had nothing left except her place to stay. She was thankful to the Lord, however, for His provision and her beautiful smile radiated to show proof of what she said. She was so grateful to have women spend time with her and to pray for her needs.


Some on the team pooled their money together and last week I was able to stop in and pray with her and give her the money that the Lord had provided for her. She was speechless, thankful and smiling from ear to ear.

Yesterday at the village church, who should we notice coming down the aisle (on her crutches) during the offering but Lydia with the biggest smile on her face. She had walked down the dusty, rocky road from the doctor’s compound to the church (about 1/4 mile) with a thankful heart. We are humbled by people like Lydia – they have so little by this world’s standards, yet like the widow in the Bible who gave her last coin to the Lord, Lydia, with a thankful heart, is His treasured child and is being blessed by God for her faithfulness.


Reflections on My Experience as Back2Back Nigeria STINT Staff, by Eileen Hamilton

August 13, 2010

Recently, we Back2Back Nigeria staff had an outing with the children from Our Ladies of Apostles (OLA) orphanage. We had originally planned to have a swimming party, but we woke up Saturday to a cool, overcast day so we changed our plan quickly. We picked up the kids, packed lunches, and went to the Viewing Center (OCC – Oasis Community Center) where we showed some cartoons (which the kids loved), ate lunch and then for the fun part – we let them explore.  I loved having Daniel sitting close by my side as we watched cartoons together.

Spending time with Daniel

We brought water squirt guns and gave them to the kids and just let them run around and be children.

And, of course, they all climbed the rocks.

I stayed behind. I could barely watch as the children, in their flip flops, climbed those high rocks enjoying every minute of this new adventure for them.  At the children’s home, they are in a confined area (the hospital/home compound) so to see them running and jumping and just playing hard was a well-spent afternoon.

Back2Back Nigeria staff with the children from OLA Orphanage

I include these pictures of the “rocks” because there is something so beautiful about them. The rocks below are some of my favorite.  Just look at them for a minute. Don’t they look like a big puzzle with all the pieces fitting in perfectly? God’s Word says that “the rocks will cry out” declaring the glory of God .  It really is true – I see God’s beauty in the rocks!

Abigail (pictured below)  is the nicest woman.


She is forty years old and has been at the children’s home since she was ten years old. The children love her and she has the sweetest disposition. She and I stayed behind behind while the kids were rock climbing and I noticed that she watched all the children very carefully the whole time. At the end of our time together at OCC, we all sat upon one of the smaller rocks and had our picture taken. Young and old alike – smiles everywhere.  It was a good day for all!