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Join us for a Night of Hope

September 11, 2012


Cincinnati Friends, join Executive Directors, Todd & Beth Guckenberger on November 8th for our fundraising banquet as we share stories of how God is fulfilling His promises to orphans all around the world. We invite you to be a part of this special evening of hope as we celebrate fifteen years of serving the orphan child.

Register here.  

Announcing Back2Back’s New Logo

May 15, 2012


We are pleased to introduce Back2Back’s new ministry logo. Our updated logo incorporates five unique shapes that represent the relational aspect of our orphan care ministry as well as the five components of the Back2Back Child Development Model (meeting the spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs of each child we serve in order to provide holistic care). The shapes that are positioned in a “back to back” stance are in the process of forming one single unit. The final segment is aligning into place and emphasizes that each part is crucially needed to make a whole – each component of care is key in the restoration of the orphans we serve. This logo utilizes the current Back2Back Ministries color scheme, as developed for our Child Development Model.

A Rescue, by Jim Betscher, Back2Back Mexico Staff

December 14, 2011

A short while ago, we had the privilege to help out in a child rescue case.

Actually, there were tbree siblings under the age of 8 years old that were brought to us by their mother, through a friend of ours. For privacy reasons, I won’t go into all the details but I can say that all three of these kids were in physical danger. They had no home and were living on the streets. But I am so thankful that ever since they were brought to us, they have been safe, well fed, cared for and loved daily.

I remember what my friend who brought them to us told me on the day that we met them. He said, “Jim, I was made for days like today!” As every paramedic or fireman knows, there is a rush when you assist in a real live rescue! There are many aspects to orphan care ministry. There is education, physical, spiritual and emotional development. All of these things are part of what Back2Back does as a whole. But when you are able to be there in that moment of a young child’s life and be a part of changing their destiny, there is contentment. I know for sure, that on that fall day in 2011, we saw the future change for those three young children. They were literally snatched from the hands of Satan and placed in a place where they are not only protected but are free to grow in their knowledge of Christ as their True Savior.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this as I was worshiping in the church at Casa Hogar Douglas, a children’s home that Back2Back supports. I turned to my side and there was the oldest child singing out loud the songs of the redeemed. He was singing them as one who knows!

Baby Development, by Hope Maglich, Back2Back Mexico Staff

November 17, 2010

Over the past several months the Lord has brought a young girl across my path named Lucero who lives in the Rio.  Lucero is fourteen.  Two months ago, she gave birth to Jesus Calet.

Jesus Calet

During Lucero’s pregnancy I was able to pray with her and encourage her often. When Jesus Calet was close to two months old Lucero and her sixteen-year old husband came to the soup kitchen for a birthday party and tried to feed their precious baby cake! As I talked to them I found out that they had tried feeding him rice and given him tastes of coffee as well!  Don’t get me wrong, these parents love their baby, but just honestly have no idea about baby care and development. I arranged a time to meet with them about infant care and then went home to look up all sorts of information in Spanish on baby development.

The next week I was able to sit down with mom and dad and talk about what two month old babies can and can’t do, what they can and can’t eat, etc. We talked through developmental stages for the first few months, healthy eating habits, how to prepare a bottle, and how to relieve gas and constipation in a little guy. Jesus Calet has been having constipation problems since he was born.  Thankfully, I was able to show them how to do different tummy massages, bicycle legs, and give the advice of a warm bath to help him.


Meeting with Lucero and her husband, Brian, about baby development

In my last semester of college, I happened to take a class where I could shadow a Help Me Grow worker in order to skip the final. I shadowed the worker for two weeks. During that time, we went to homes of teenage moms and poverty-stricken girls who had at-risk babies to educate them on child development and baby massage. I had no idea how much this would come in handy!  I love the Lord!  He prepares us in advance for what He has for us to do. He can use everything and I believe has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives.

This past Saturday, Lucero came up to me at the soup kitchen, very excited. She told me that she has been doing the things I taught her to help Jesus Calet with his tummy and that it had worked! Excitement and relief were written all over her face. I loved the time I got to spend with Lucero and her husband educating them about babies.

Vision for Nigeria Land of Hope Campaign, by Corrie Guckenberger, Back2Back Nigeria

December 10, 2009

Back2Back is partnering with Self-Sustaining Enterprises (SSE) in Nigeria.  SSE  has given Back2Back fifteen acres outside of Jos, Nigeria to develop as a Back2Back ministry site with a community center, enabling us to expand our ministry to local children and families in need. If you would like more information about our campaign to raise funds for the development of the land, please contact

It was so encouraging to see more than 100 people show up on a cold rainy evening to hear what God is doing through Back2Back in Jos, Nigeria.  We had our first capital campaign on December 8th in Cincinnati and it felt a bit as if I was attending a family reunion.  I think that is my favorite character trait about serving in this ministry.  Thousands of people have gone to serve at different sites, different times, and for different purposes, but many came together that evening and there was an underlying reality that even if I haven’t met you, I know you and a sliver of your heart.

Corrie Guckenberger, relaying the vision for the Land of Hope Campaign at the Nigeria Open House

Beth & Todd Guckenberger, sharing their heart for Back2Back's ministry in Nigeria

John Guckenberger at the Nigeria Open House

I was just reminded that ten years ago, Todd and Beth had their first fundraiser for Back2Back’s Mexico ministry site at Snyder Farm, the same location where the Nigeria Open House was located. Back2Back has been on quite a journey since then, following the Lord’s calling.  He has done so much that it can be overwhelming to think that He is still at work, moving and stirring and leading us now in Africa as well.

The vision of where we feel the Lord is asking us to go was shared by everyone and it was daunting seeing it unveiled to others.  As we unfold the desire to develop relationships in the Kisayhip Village near Jos and build a host village next door for us as a staff to live, I am too aware that it is too big a project for mere man.  For that reason, I get excited to see God work out the details in His time and in His way.  Our desire is to just be obedient to Him.  We are so grateful for everyone who came to the event, encouraging us, supporting us, and cheering us on.  That is truly what family should feel like.

Back2Back Nigeria Property, "Land of Hope"

A few of the children we serve in Nigeria

Village children saying hello from the Back2Back Nigeria property to be developed