A Singing Shepherd, by Theresa Reed, Back2Back Nigeria Staff

The shepherd boy watches his sheep outside the Nigerian village where Back2Back serves. He is on the far left of the photo in a white shirt.

A few weeks ago, I was on the rocks that overlook the village with a few of the interns. We broke off and had time on the rocks alone for a while. During this time, we were serenaded by a little shepherd boy. He was joyfully singing to his herd on the grass below us for a couple hours. He was so happy and his singing endlessly with pure joy! I was reading in my devotional book today about how God is our shepherd and it reminded me of this little boy.

“We are… the sheep of His pasture,” Psalm 100:3

“My sheep hear my voice,” John 21:17

I have always thought of The Lord as my shepherd, but it was not until I saw this cheerful young shepherd singing to his flock that I realized how joyful shepherds can be. Why have I not thought before that my God, the Great Shepherd not only speaks to his sheep, but it does it joyfully… singing even!? What a joy it is to hear the melodious voice of my great Shepherd!

The shepherd boy lays next to his sheep singing to them (far left).

The image of the little boy laying on the ground peacefully, singing loudly and trusting his flock to enjoy the green pastures  has given me a new view of how The Shepherd tends to His flock of children. He trusted the flock. He knew that they would stay where he was because they knew and were familiar with his voice. This is our God. Our God loves his flock and them (us) to follow His beautiful voice and know that it is good. Praise the Great Shepherd for this great reminder!


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