The Joy of Reading, by Jim Betscher, Back2Back Mexico Staff

We recently completed remodeling the library at Casa Hogar Douglas. This children’s home for over seventy kids now has a very nice library made possible by a donation from The Rotary Club International and the tireless efforts of many of our ministry volunteers.

I recently read that 94% of the municipalities of Mexico don’t have a library. The reader index for Mexico is the lowest in Latin America. Back2Back is eager to help each child develop a love for reading and ultimately provide them with opportunities to improve academically. I am so excited that these kids will have an opportunity to benefit from the blessing this library will be!

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One Response to “The Joy of Reading, by Jim Betscher, Back2Back Mexico Staff”

  1. Maureen Dempsey Says:

    How Happy I was to log on to my computer this morning and read your post about the new library at Casa Hogar Douglas! What an awesome addition to the campus and wonderful resource for the children. I am a former mission trip participant (Summer “08-from Sacred Heart in West Des Moines Iowa.) I am also a Reading Resource teacher at Sacred Heart School. Reading/literacy is so important. I applaud you for recognizing the need and taking steps to provide this opportunity for the children. No doubt, their lives will be enriched by being able to explore the wonderful world of reading! Way to go! `Maureen Dempaey

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