I Have What I Have, by Greg Huffer, Back2Back Mexico Staff

I recently took a small team of men scouting out Back2Back for future mission trips to Cadereyta, a large impoverished community that we serve.  We have come alongside Pastor Jose Angel in this community, as his vision is to be a light in this neighborhood and reach these people with the light of Jesus Christ.  For the past three years, we have been helping Pastor Jose Angel to build a church and community center in the area.

Pastor Jose Angel

As Pastor Jose Angel shared his vision and story with the men, he recalled days when the church construction was just getting under way.  He said he received many confusing and doubtful looks and comments of ridicule for what he was trying to build.

You see, the church is different from all of the other buildings in the community.  First of all, it is on two plots of land, rather than just one, so it is twice the size of the surrounding buildings.  Secondly, his vision was to build a second story with housing above the church for he and his family to live in the area where they minister.  So, the footers and beams that we made were quite larger and stronger than what most other people were building for their own homes.  Most people thought that the pastor was nuts.

They would say, “What do you think you are doing trying to build something that big?! You’ll never be able to finish it- you’ll run out of money.”  But Pastor Jose Angel didn’t let these taunts stop him.

In fact, many people thought that he had a lot of money to be able to undertake such a large and costly project.  He simply replied to such criticism, “No, I am not rich.  But I have what I have and what I have is God.”

Pastor Jose Angel has a good understanding of what is happening in Cadereyta and the rest of the places that Back2Back works.  The pastor is not responsible for the church building that has been developed for three plus years now.  God is.  God is behind, in and through everything that we do at Back2Back.  He receives all of the praise for everything that has happened here since Todd and Beth Guckenberger moved to Monterrey some thirteen years ago.

As we look to the future and see new construction sites and projects, new ministry areas, new challenges that will rise before us, we realize that we are not rich.  We do not have unlimited resources.  We are not special people.  But we do have God and that is enough.


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