Students in Action, by Yeong Jiang, Mexico Mission Trip Participant, Xenos Christian Fellowship

During our time serving with Back2Back in Monterrey, Mexico, my son, Christopher (15-years old) was inspired by Back2Back Director, Beth Guckenberger’s story about another boy doing a fundraiser for the ministry through an XBOX Tournament.  After we returned, Christopher decided to organize a similar XBOX 360 Halo 3 tournament as a fundraiser.  With our help, he organized the game rules, rented a place, collected prize donations from local stores and business owners and invited his friends and classmates to attend.

After two months of preparation and planning, we had over thirty kids signed up for the tournament and many more just came to watch and cheer for the players. We had fun and raised a total of $540 through the event.  It was a lot of hard work putting it together but it was definitely a successful fundraiser.  Watching my son’s face with eyes full of excitement throughout the whole event was priceless. I am sure that it will be a long-lasting memory for him and a wonderful experience for his spiritual growth.

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One Response to “Students in Action, by Yeong Jiang, Mexico Mission Trip Participant, Xenos Christian Fellowship”

  1. Jim Says:

    Way to go Christopher! Another example of a 15 year old taking action and look at the results. God blessing the obedience of the faithful!

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