Vessel, by Beth Guckenberger

This week we are being visited by Calumet Christian School out of Columbus.  One of their teachers, Chris, has been coming here for a couple of years and now comes twice a year, once with his school and once with his church. They are a group of men who have decided to focus on one area of our ministry, a squatter’s village we call “Cadereyta”  They are choosing to invest deeply in the people and the mission happening there.   He showed me this video his team put together from their trip in January.

There are so many needs in the world, so many good causes, so many people who would benefit from our gifts, or our time, that some days it’s overwhelming to me to decide where and with whom I will spend my energy.  Watching this video was a good reminder for me that we aren’t responsible for taking the gospel anywhere.  God is already working, we just need to go and show up and be the vessel or extension of His already present pursuit of people.  The lives you see in the video are being impacted by a small group of men from Columbus, Ohio.  It begs me to ask the questions:  Where else can we be a reflection of God’s goodness?  And what obstacles can I remove that prevent me from leaning into an area, relationship or need God might be calling me to serve?

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3 Responses to “Vessel, by Beth Guckenberger”

  1. Rachelle Mitchell Says:

    Awesome video! It is so cool to see the work God is doing in that part of Mexico. Praise God for His goodness! What a privilege to be a part of that.

  2. Wendi Says:

    Indeed, where is God already at work so we can join him? I was first ‘introduced’ to you and Back2Back last year through a video a friend sent me promoting your book – it was about the heart of orphans and our role as Christ’s hands and feet in the redemption process. I immediatlely pre-ordered your book and devoured it the week it arrived. Every chapter made me want to experience the work you wrote about and helped me see more of God. Since then, I have been eager to visit Back2Back in Mexico with our family, to see the work you do there and how we might become a part of it. Keep Climbing!
    Wendi, for the Henrys
    founder, HopeMongers Corp
    co-founders, Red Letters Campaign

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