Welcome from Todd & Beth Guckenberger!

Welcome to Back2Back Ministries Official Blog!  Staff from Mexico, Nigeria, India and the home office in the US will be sharing their thoughts on life, God, faith and orphan care.  We invite you to come alongside us in our journey and share your thoughts and comments!

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5 Responses to “Welcome from Todd & Beth Guckenberger!”

  1. Bruce Eric Anderson Says:

    Todd, Beth — great to see you and I’m thrilled you’ve taken the jump into the blogosphere with your new blog. We’ve loved coming alongside all of the Back2Back Staff and serving with you and your teams in Monterrey. Give our best to everyone there. And Todd, stop scowling :), you’re starting to look like me :)!

    Bruce Eric Anderson (and Anita)

  2. Tina Rogal Says:

    Hey Everyone in Mexico! God Bless you all! Can anyone give me any news on Lizzy and Dulce from Imperio de Amor??? Please tell them I think about them everyday and love them very much! The Rogal family is getting very excited about our visit from Miguel! But I miss you all very much and wish I was there with you!!!
    Keep shining His light!

  3. carolyn bowles Says:

    I am so excited about back2back having a blog! I can’t wait to follow all the things God is doing across the globe through this ministry. Thanks for making myself and many others more a part of all that is going on with back2back through the blog. It’s already bookmarked on my computer! Thanks!

  4. alice daniel Says:

    Thank you Todd and Beth for this blog. It has allowed me to visit Monterrey in my spirit since I am not physically able to be there this summer. I love the videos. Thank you for sharing the piece on intercessory prayer…it encourages prayer warriors. The videos also allow a glimpse into how the people who visit each year come along side God’s children and light up their lives. It is beautiful to see the children getting rides in wheel barrows, enjoy the company of a new friend, receive medical help for the first time. All of these things seem like such small things in our world but truly without them we would feel quite lonely, uncared for and sad. God bless Back2Back and all who serve hourly, daily, yearly. May those who are served come to receive God’s love and come to experience all that He has planned for them and their lives!

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